Have you ever noticed that movies you purchase in HD from the iTunes Store show up in your iTunes Library with a little tag that says HD-SD?

That’s because most movies in the iTunes Store come to you with both an HD version and a second version that is smaller in file size and better suited for iPods, iPhones, and other portable devices. You can create your own dual versions of your home movie collection and add the HD-SD tag.

For this tutorial you need to know how to rip a DVD or Blu-Ray, and it’s a plus if you have access to an iTunes Store that sells Movies and/or TV Shows.



Step 1: Rip your video

In Handbrake you’ll have to rip the files to m4v. Just to make sure your files are AppleTV compatible, I suggest that you use the presets (an iTunes video doesn’t have to be AppleTV compatible, but an AppleTV compatible video always works with iTunes).

For the HD version, click AppleTV2 (±1280 x 720), and name it “YourMovie(HD).m4v”, add the file to the queue, now select the Universal (±720 x 400) preset and name it “YourMovie.m4v”, add the file to the queue. Click Start, this will make the two files being converted after each other.

When ripping is complete, you have two files on your Desktop (or whatever folder you chose), one called “MyMovie(HD).m4v” and one called “MyMovie.m4v”.


Step 2: Tag your files

For this phase, we’re going to use a free app called Subler. With this app you can change the tags of your video file.

Depending on whether you’re converting a Movie or a TV Show, you can use a template to what information you need.

Now you can go online and check for the needed information. IMDb, Wikipedia and Apple’s iTunes Store are good places to find this kind of information.

If you have any difficulties using Subler, you can use MetaX (which is more user friendly).

Make sure the settings are exactly the same for both version, if there are any changes between the two files it might not work.


Step 3: Set HD and Movie flags

This step must be done in Subler! Click Other Settings, choose your Media Kind in both video’s and check HD video for your HD Video! Otherwise iTunes will not show them as HD-SD.


Step 4: Adding the “ContentID” tag

If everything went perfect so far, this step is the final one.

In Subler press the “+” button in the lower left corner and add ContentID

Now, Apple has been very kind to us by providing us with the ContentID inside the iTunes Store. If you copy the link from a Movie in the iTunes Store, it looks like this:

A typical iTunes link can be hard because TV Shows and Movies host their ID’s differently, let me explain.

The link for a TV Episode looks like this:


the cursive text is the TV Show ID, in this case Â394946248, the actual Episode ID is the bold one, in this case 398783433. Be sure to use the Episode ID and not the TV Show ID.

A movie is easier, this is a link to a movie:


the only ID we have here is the one you need, in this case 411257984.

Now add the ID number to both video files in Subler.

Save both files and you’re done!

Step 5: Add files to iTunes


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