Apple has just released a major update to it’s iOS software. We’ve been using iOS5 since June, let’s talk iOS!

At first, you wouldn’t think much has changed in iOS5. But there are a lot of under the hood goodies that make it worthwhile. Let’s get to some of the more important changes.


iOS 5 brings us an improved notification system called Notification Center.

In iOS you get all kinds of notifications, ever since Apple brought notifications to developers in 2008, you’ve been overloaded with notifications.
We’ve been swearing for so long that notifications weren’t what they should be. Finally in iOS5 Apple managed to get notifications right.
Let us show you how you can manage all your notifications in seconds.

When in lockscreen, push notifications list themselfves when having multiple. From there you can slide on them (from icon to the right) to go to the app that send te notification.

When you are on the homescreen or in an app, push notifications behave as banners that roll over the top of the screen. Tapping them will get you directly to the app. You can change this notification behaviour on an app per app basis in settings-> notifications. In iOS 5’s homescreen, there is a new screen called “Notification Center”.

A swipe-able overview screen where all your notifications are listed together. You can view notification center by swiping down from the top of the screen. To go back to the home screen or your app, you can drag it up or push the home button. You can customize what get’s to be in notification center in settings -> notifications. Also, a weather widget and stock widget can be viewed from notification center. In fullscreen apps, you swipe down and then drag the little greybox at the top of the screen down to view notification center.






PC-free and cable-free sync.

Remember when you got your iPhone from the store and the first thing you saw on the screen was “Connect to iTunes”? Well , finally it’s no more! With iOS 5, you no longer need a computer to start using your iDevice. The first time you boot your iDevice, you’ll see a setup menu which takes 1 minute to complete and you’re good to go.

Enable Wifi-Sync to let iTunes wireless sync your iDevice. We recommend you make your first sync using the connector cables as it could really make you wait for a while to complete.  Enabling Wifi Sync must be enabled from your Device. Go to Settings->General>iTunes Wi-Fi Sync.



Camera app goodies.

There are a couple of good additions to the camera app. The camera app can now display a grid  to make it easier to get a shot straight. When in lockscreen, dubbel tapping the home button brings up the camera app shortcut button to take photo’s and videos faster. You can lock autofocus and autoexposure by touch and hold your finger on the screen. Also, taking pictures can now be done with the volume up button. Go into Camera and press the volume up button on the left side of your iDevice to take pictures or start/stop video recording.


Twitter integration.

Twitter is fully integrated with iOS 5, now you can tweet directly from Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube, or maps. Login with your account information in Settings->Twitter and you are good to go. The official Twitter app can directly be downloaded from there. Tweeting has never been this fast. Once you fill in your twitter account information, your account will automatically connect to your Twitter apps.












Reminder is a fast and powerful scheduler. Organize to-do lists with due dates and locations and sync them with your calendar. Reminders also works with iCal, Outlook, and iCloud, so changes you make, update automatically on all your devices and calendars.











With iMessage, Apple has created a new messaging service for all iOS 5 users. U can send text messages from and to any iDevice over Wi-Fi or 3G. iMessage is built into the Messages app, so you can send text, photos, videos, locations, and contacts for free if you have an internet connection. See when somebody is typing, start a conversation on one of your iDevices and pick where you left on another. iMessage auto-detects iDevices when you are texting to make sure you can use the service whenever possible. iMessages are blue/grey as SMS are green/grey.










People who are still on iOS4, it’s a free upgrade and you can access it through iTunes.


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