Everyone knows when you have a portable Mac, you’re able to see the battery status in the menubar. In Mountain Lion, Apple changed some of the options. You won’t be able to show the “Time Remaining”, only the current battery percentage. We contacted Apple about this and we got the answer that it is not coming back.

The only way to get this feature back is to buy a 3rd party app. I tried an app called Watts which does a whole lot more. The only problem with this solution is that they might not be placed next to each other. You can do so by dragging Apple’s menu extra’s to the place you want by holding the command-key. To order 3rd party menu bar items, you’ll need some AppleScript, because they get ordered by when they are opened. With an easy script, you can decide when they open and so order them.

Another great, but often overlooked feature in Mountain Lion is the option to use AirPlay as a device for audio output. The most amazing about this feature is the fact that if you play let’s say a YouTube video and stream the audio to any AirPlay device, there is no delay between audio and video. Sadly enough this doesn’t work for games and other live rendered audio.
You can find the new setting in the System Preferences under Sound and under Output.

I believe these are two unspoken features of Mountain Lion, for the rest just browse around the web and you’ll figure it out!
And oh, iCal has been renamed to Calendar and Address Book to Contacts. Just in case you couldn’t find them with their old name.

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2 Responses to Mountain Lion is coming, what should you know that you don’t yet know?

  1. avatar Josh says:

    System-wide AirPlay for audio output is great (and perfect A/V sync is impressive indeed.) I just wanted to mention that I just tried it with about 10 games and it worked fine in 9 of them; all of the audio got routed properly and played through my AirPlay speakers. Seemed in sync, too!

    The only game that didn’t send audio this way was Braid; all I got was silence.

    I just wanted to add this to your page because it appears you may have missed it…

  2. avatar Ian says:

    Thanks for the highlights. The battery time being removed is ridiculous though…

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